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wraith_fan's Journal

16 June
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Hi there :D Well, it's a bio, here goes nothing ;) My name's Kim, I'm a girl (worth mentioning :P), I'm 24 years old, I live in Flanders (region in Belgium for those of you that are not familiar with WW I, these days one never knows huh :P) and I'm a linguistics & literature student (also a graduated English-biology teacher but don't tell anyone :P).

I like reading (duhuh if I didn't I wouldn't be here obviously :P), I'm mostly into fantasy and scifi stuff but a good suspenseful thriller goes in as well ;) I'm also an occasional fanfic writer (I've posted a grand total of 2 stories, both unfinished, yay!) but I don't have the time and patience to write anything long or to write often usually, so be warned when waiting for updates ;) I'm also into rpg-ing, I usually do that on yahoo messenger with the same partner I go yeeaaars back with :) But if anyone feels a great need to rpg in a fandom I know I'd be happy to, but preferably during the holidays cause I tend to get busy with my own stuff during the semester ;) I like gaming but I'm not an addict, nowadays I even play only once a month or sth lol, it's mostly Shaiya and League of Legends (MMORPG's). I also like shopping (also on Ali Express, stuff's cheaper there if you're willing to wait for it ;)) and going to Asian restaurants and old ladies tearooms with my friends :D (yep, I'm not usually into bars and all-nighters, I don't drink a lot of liquor either = seemingly good girl :P)

Fandoms I'm interested in include the following: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Van Helsing, Dracula, Stargate Atlantis, Merlin, Atlantis and Ai no Kusabi. Fandoms I've actually bothered to write something in: Stargate Atlantis, Ai no Kusabi. I've also done rpg on the other aforementioned fandoms, especially Harry Potter and Ai no Kusabi.

Series I'm currently following: Arrow, Reign, Vikings, The Last Kingdom, Andromeda, Grimm, The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Diabolik Lovers, Sword Art Online and everything I've forgotten ;) Yep, I'm also very much into anime, especially the supernatural and psychological kind :) (no, not Pokemon :P)

Books I'm into: too many to count, I'm a lit student ;) In my "personal" reading I'm usually into fantasy, vampires and scifi. But suspenseful thrillers like Dan Brown I like as well, but not the regular police stuff. I don't exclude romantic novels either, but I'm not big on melodrama and definitely not into plotless smut like Fifty Shades of Gray :P Outside my "personal" preferences I also like Victorian realistic stuff like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. I also enjoy reading slave narratives, like Uncle Tom's Cabin and the work of Frederick Douglass. The gothic genres is also definitely one of my favourites, both the "old fashioned" stuff like Stoker, Mary Shelley and Poe and the more recent vamp novels, especially Anne Rice (I'm not writing any fanfic on it, no worries!;) ).

OK, well... if anyone wants to know something more about me or just chat, you're free to mail me at kersetaartjuhh@gmail.com ;)

Grtz: Kim xXx